Wrapmaster duo dispenser with 3 rolls of foil & film

Wrapmaster Duo Film and Foil Bundle

Item #: 86389

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One dispenser, two food wraps…the 18in wide Wrapmaster Duo dispenser and one case of three, 18in wide, 1800ft long, Wrapmaster Foodservice Film refill rolls and one case of three, 18in wide, 500ft long, Wrapmaster Foodservice Foil refill rolls.

  • The Duo can dispense two types of material or be used for large volumes of one material. The Wrapmaster Duo is designed for very busy, large kitchens that use high volumes of Foodservice Film, Foil or baking parchment.
  • Incorporates new easy-to-load refill feature and patented technology - the Duo dispenser only works with genuine Wrapmaster Duo, 18in wide, refill rolls.
  • Wrapmaster Foodservice Film has high cling, stretch and strength. It helps to prevent food waste, preserve food and protect flavor. Can be used in the refrigerator, freezer and microwave.
  • Premium Foodservice Foil with high strength and durability, perfect for the demands of any professional kitchen. Wrapmaster Foodservice Foil is suitable for lining, grilling and roasting and is 100% recyclable.




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