Wrapmaster 4500 & 3 rolls of parchment

Wrapmaster 4500 Parchment Bundle

Item #: 86388

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The 18in wide Wrapmaster 4500 dispenser and a case of three, 18in wide, 200ft long, Wrapmaster Baking Parchment refill rolls.

  • The 4500 is an 18in wide dispenser and the perfect choice for large kitchens using high volumes of Foodservice Film, Foil or Baking Parchment.
  • Incorporates new easy-to-load refill feature and patented technology - the 4500 dispenser only works with genuine Wrapmaster 4500 refill rolls.
  • Baking Parchment with excellent non-stick quality, no need to pre-grease. Ideal for all baking needs and suitable for use in the oven and microwave.
  • Wrapmaster Baking Parchment is unbleached, does not contain any fluorinated chemicals and is compostable after use.



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